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Choosing a moving company is a  necessary part of owning your own piano. Pianos are very different from other furniture and therefore require the expertise of a trained piano mover. Without trained help, moving a piano yourself can prove disastrous!

Training is the key! All of our movers are well trained for the specific needs of the piano. Our company and staff are fully insured and bonded to provide you and your piano with complete coverage.

We carry:

  • Cargo Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Surety Bond

We carry all of the necessary licenses and permits to follow proper business regulations:

Federal DOT license #498706
Massachusetts D.T.E. Permit #25559

Our employees are uniformed, insured, bonded, and trained. To insure added sercurity and safety, a senior staff member is on every move. We are a family business and have many long term employees. We are dedicated to providing the best quality service for our customers. Our equipment and trucks are all specially designed and well maintained for the transport and care of pianos and organs.