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50th Anniversary Special - Come In Today!

Prices have been cut to the bone in our largest sale ever to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in business. WeI have great prices on upright pianos as always, but here is the breaking news ----- Now through the end of 2018 all of our pianos, all this year will be reduced in price to go out the door to your home right away. All of the pianos on this site have had their price adjusted and I have many more in the warehouse with prices just as low. Yes, you can come in today and go home with an upright piano for less than $900 or a grand piano for less that $2,000. These are honest to goodness fine grand pianos that can be used in your home right now. Some of the models available now include Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, Young Chang, Hallet & Davis, Weber, Steinert, Fischer, Wurlitzer, Chickering, Hardman, Cambridge, Currier, York and many more. They will all be prepped, tuned, come with a bench, come with a lifetime trade up and you will very likely fall into out area of FREE DELIVERY. This is a great chance to take home a great piano for tremendous savings! This sale won't last past the end of 2018 so come in and enjoy the celebration. We appreciate your business and are happy to have been able to be in business for YOU with some of the best grands and brands for you to take home. Come in and find a piano at a price and value that is unequaled. Don't miss out on these once in a lifetime prices. These wonderful instruments are here now just waiting for you.