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Beautiful Yamaha 5' 2" HPE Player Grand - Only $11,995

Now is a great time to come in and visit us here at Bushell Piano Movers. I have a terrific sounding 5' 2" Yamaha player grand. It is in great condition and the touch and tone are just what you would expect from a Yamaha piano. This gem will not last, so if you are looking for a great piece of furniture for your living room as well as a top grade piano for your music pleasure, then come in and see these two pianos. You will get all the fixings (two FREE tunings, FREE prep, and you may be in our zone of FREE delivery and a LIFETIME trade up). While you are here you can also look at our great selection of used and new pianos. We have grands and uprights of all sizes and colors to fit the needs of any level player and and decor in your home. We have several varieties of new pianos that are here with great pricing that you will want to take advantage of before the new year. We have new consoles and studios. We have uprights as well as new grand pianos. The pricing is UNBEATABLE and the delivery package unprecedentedand the service unequaled. You will receive warranties and service never before offered. DON'T DELAY and miss out on this incredible package deal with these pianos. Also, our fine list of used pianos and exceptional staff will let you find exactly what you want at the price you can be happy with. We have special extended hours and staff available to meet you during normal business hours or meet with you after business hours with an appointment. Our spectacular sale prices continue to be in effect through the end of the year, but then our prices will be going back to normal, still great savings, but not the same. You could not pick a better time to come in and find that new or used piano that you have been thinking about. The different colors, brands and styles give you an unprecedented choice of the finest instruments. Piano sales and the moving business have been brisk and the bargains just incredible. Bushell Piano Movers piano moving part of the business has been way ahead of last year, so if you anticipate moving your piano or your residence, be sure and call ahead and book your move now. Our PIANO and RESIDENCE moving prices are the best in the business. We have moved pianos in Massachusetts, New England, New York, Florida, Minnesota, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania and of course all up and down the east coast; as well as locally in Brookline, Sharon, Lawrence, Worcester, Springfield, Sudbury, Concord, Harvard, Boston, Lynn, Framingham, New Bedford and so many more. For all your piano moving needs or even moving from one home to another, please call us at 508-877-2227 and find out about our extremely low rates and extremely high quality service.
Bushell Piano Movers continues to excel in the number of brands offered and savings we are giving our custormers. We are currently offering 20%-50% off all pianos. For new or used pianos, come in and see our Baldwins, Young Changs, Yamaha, Mason & Hamlins, Hallet & Davis and so many more. And see the new listing of a great 7' Conservatory Ebony Grand Piano selling at only $8,995. Nowhere else will you get better piano service, sales, and quality support than here at Bushell Piano Movers.