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Bushell Piano Movers - Piano Sales

Greetings from Framingham and Marlboro. We have been hard at work with our piano moving here in Framingham and acquiring more pianos in Marlboro to have at the warehouse for you to be able to purchase. Some of our latest piano moving projects have been in Boston, Worcester, Framingham, Lowell, and most of the other cities in Massachusetts. Moving 40 pianos per week allows us to be in places like Milford, Taunton, Cape Cod, Metrowest, and even out of state in NH, VT, CT, RI, ME, NY, PA and NJ. Remember if you have any moving needs we can be there to help. We have been moving pianos for about 45 years and are fully insured and the movers are bonded.
As far as piano sales, it has been a brisk season with pianos moving in and out at a good clip. We continue to have many brands of pianos, and specifcally right now we have three different Steinways, one of which is a gorgeous player. If you are in need of a spinet, console, studio, upright or grand piano for a new beginner or an experienced player, please remember us this holiday season. We have deals that you just won't believe unless you come in and see for yourself. Happy & Safe back to school experience - The Bushell Family