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Piano and Organ Services

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In-Home Moving

Unlike what some people may think, moving a piano within a home is a very common service that we provide. Some of the many reasons for having a piano moved within the home are:

  • Home renovations
  • Cleaning, removing, or replacing your carpets
  • Replacing or refinishing your hardwood floor
  • Using the piano for a function or moving it out of the way for a function
  • Home redecorating

Local Piano Moving

For the piano moving owner, we offer a safe and quick way to have your piano moved to your new home. We also offer a storage stopover service for those times when you need it out of your old home, but are not yet ready to move it into your new home.
For the piano buyer, you want to have your new investment properly moved to guarantee its safety and the safety of your home and the the home of the seller. We offer 1 hour arrival windows and a call-ahead service to minimize the time you and your seller spend at home during the move.
For the piano seller, we guarantee the safety of your home during the move by insisting that your buyer contract with a professional piano mover. Selling a piano can be a very easy or very difficult experience depending on who you use. A possible complication of the piano selling process is how to move the piano to the new home. Many new piano owners think that all they need to move the piano is a few strong friends and a pickup truck. Unlike our professional movers, their friends do not carry liability insurance or workers' compensation, and they usually lack the proper equipment to secure the piano and prevent scratches.

Long Distance Piano Moving

We offer piano moving services throughout the Northeast and the continental United States. We provide white-glove moving for your long distance moving needs. This means that our truck and movers are the ones to pick up the piano and deliver it. We do not send a driver and then subcontract additional movers at each location.

Cross Country Piano Shipment

Another option for the long distance piano move is piano shipment. This is a very economical and safe way to send your piano cross county. Just a few of the states we have shipped to and from include: California, Florida, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Canada and many others, and we can even handle moving your piano OUT OF COUNTRY. We work with a cross-country shipper that only ships pianos and organs. Not only do they handle private moves but they are the ones that handle shipping from the manufacturer to the dealer. They require a piano mover at each end of the move to on or off load the piano and deliver it. Moving into a new home is hard enough so we handle the entire piano move for you. We arrange the shipment and the mover at the other end.

Short and Long Term Storage

Climate controlled storage space is also available at incredible rates. Please call our office for rates: 508-877-2227